Cancer Diet & Weight Loss Prevention

CANCER DIET – Give your treatments a fighting chance.

Avoid the five main causes of cancer
1. Too much sugar
2. Lack of vitamin D3
2. Poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and trace metals,
4. Lack of oxygen and exercise,
5. Severe shock stress

Searching online you will find tons of information on how to cope with the symptoms of cancer, but very little on what to eat when you have it. Scientific studies have shown cancer loves sugar, so by eating lots of sugar, your just asking for trouble.

You should try and avoid non natural sugars at all costs, when you are diagnosed with cancer, the more sugar you consume the more you are feeding your cancer, simple carbohydrates are also a no go since they are broken down in the body into sugar. White Meat, Fish and Vegetables are the most important to eat, complex carbohydrates are ok in this case.

Add to your daily nutrition plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and a variety of grains. These will add essential nutrients helping to maintain a healthy body and strengthen the immune system. Dont worry about the natural occurring sugars of complex carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables, its the simple sugar carbs you need to avoid and added sugar products, like high calorific deserts, (all the tasty stuff i’m afraid)


Cranberries|Broccoli|Walnuts|Black & Navy Beans|Seaweed (Kelp)


Whole Grain Wheat Flour | Whole Grain Spelt Flour | Whole Grain Corn Flour | Whole Grain Rye Flour | Whole Grain Barley Flour | Whole Grains | Fresh and Dried Fruits | Fresh Vegetables (except Tomatoes) | Fish | Poultry | Game | Red Meat | Brown Rice | Wild Rice | Basmati White Rice | Olive Oil | Fresh Herbs and Seasonings | Black Beans | Soy Beans | Lentils | Garbanzo Beans | Pinto Beans | Lima Beans | Kidney Beans | Amaranth | Butter | Nuts (except Peanuts) | Fresh Mozzarella | Fresh Ricotta | Kefir Cheese | Eggs | Honey | Raw Sugar | Sea Salt | Molasses | Natural Maple Syrup


Pork | Tomatoes of any kind | Alcohol | Refined Salt | Mayonnaise | Bleached or Refined Flour | Vinegar | Chemical Salt Substitutes | White or Refined Sugar | Corn Syrup | Mustard | Ketchup | Pickles | BBQ Sauce | Salad Dressing | Margarine | Sauerkraut | Peanuts | Aged Cheese | Carbonation | Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Oils | Farmed Fish | Preservatives | MSG | Benzoate | Nitrites | Sulfites | Artificial Color or Flavorings | Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda, Saccharin, Aspartame, Nutra-Sweet) | Fried Foods


If your losing weight rapidly and cant eat, this is common with many types of cancer, go to your local vitamin store and get high strength BBCA – (Branch Chained Amino Acids) This should help with the appetite and help to keep food down. Remember as much chicken breast and broccoli with cranberries and walnuts for desert as you can stomach.

The above is designed to be a starting point for your research, its a good idea to look through the lists and create a “meal list” using the ingredients provided, there are of course many other ingredents not on the good or bad list, so you are free to do more research at your end, just always be careful of sugars.


VITAMIN D3 What ever treatment you have chosen, chemo, radiation, surgery, you need Vitamin D in your diet, it is highly recommended, that until you are in remission you take 10,000 units of Vitamin D3 from a respectable provider, try not to get the cheapest from ebay/amazon since alot of the time it may not be the ingredients you have paid for and this is your health we are talking about, once in remission you can drop to 5k per day for 2 months then 2k on going to keep levels high.

IODINE Kelp supplements this has great benefits for your overall health during cancer, and could slow the rate of progress for your tumors.

BURDOCK ROOT:  A Detoxifying herbal supplement one of the main ingredients of essiac a potential treatment on here.







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