Essiac is an old and proven cancer cure, but in order to find the proof you need to look at the people who are still alive today because of using essiac.  You will not find it by looking at clinical trials or checking with the FDA.

Like most alternative cancer treatments unless it can be patented, big pharma are not interested with investment.

Cancer treatment is the biggest business in the world with average chemo tablets alone ranging between 2-5 thousand pounds per month, per person.

Cancer treatment is a trillion pound business that would all fall to pieces if a product like essiac came to market at just £30 per bottle.

For that reason you have been left in the dark about it.

Fake warnings are published, cancer research UK will say there is no evidence and it does not work, FDA will say unapproved, and doctors will say chemo, radiation, and surgery are the only options.

If you have stage 4 cancer, or any form of cancer, what is going to stop you trying out a simple medicine of natural herbs.

You can make Essiac at home using the following information.



When buying essiac you need to be careful to get the right formula since there are alot of fakes out there.  When browsing google, you will see many sites selling, with different packaging and quite big price differences, you dont want to CHEAP OUT on essiac, or it WONT WORK no point spending £100 on something which does not work when you can pay £250 on something which does.

Recommended websites to buy essiac from are the following:

If you would like to add your site to this list, reply below with proof that yours is the authentic 4 herb version and not the cheap 6 or 8 herb version, once confirmed, we will add you to this list.

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