Hoxsey Treatment

Hoxsey Therapy or Hoxsey Method is a herbal supplement, antioxidant and laxative flushing type of cancer treatment, Potassium Iodide and Cascar (Rhamnus Purshiana – Laxative) are the main ingredients. The treatment requires you to take the herbal supplement, follow a strict diet and take vitamin supplements until given the all clear. Treatment is performed at Bio-Medical Centre in Mexico, prices are around $3000  (£2000) which is of course cheaper than most treatments.
EVIDENCE- Hoxsey was perhaps the most famous forgotten cure of recent past, in order to find details on hoxsey treatment, a simple google search will find 1000s of articles, like most alternative treatments, you will not find FDA or clinical trials for it. But that does not mean it does not work!
Watch the video below for full hoxsey history.


More Information: Visit http://www.hoxseybiomedical.com/clinic-information/

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