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1. This is a legal disclaimer for the website and any other affiliate page associated with it, terms of use include but are not limited to the following;

2. Realcancerresearch does not sell any product or receive any financial gain from any information given on its pages, the information on this site is given freely and should be considered “free speech” press.

3. Realcancerresearch are not medical professionals, regardless of wording on articles, you should ALWAYS seek professional medical advice before trying any supplement or nutritional product .

4. We accept no responsibility for the health of any user of the website, we are not your doctor and any action you take in result of reading any article on this site, you do so at your own risk of health, and without our recommendation or consent.

5. This site is designed to be a library resource for people to research alternative treatment for cancer and other conditions.

6. articles maybe offensive to some readers, any outside links are for information only, any articles posted directly by us with controversial views are to be viewed as free speech opinions not advice on ANY subject.

7. Our opinionated articles are not intended to change the views or opinions of any user on this site.

8. Any information regarding a food / nutritional product is to be considered, untested and not approved by the FDA, taking any product regardless of the wording or recommendations given by information on any website resource linked within this site is to be seen as non advisory information.

9. Final Word, many people will come to the site with nothing to lose so if you do use any information you have read on the site, make sure you ALWAYS seek medical advise prior.

The disclaimer and TOS are there to protect us against any law suits, your common sense is required for most of it.

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